Thermos electrical HORIZONTAL Thermiket

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Product Code: Thermiket HORIZONTAL
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TYPICAL ISOLATION: Isolation of foam of polyurethane that it retains in the heat in the space to annul entrela boiler and the exterior framework during more time reducing the electricity consumption in 25 %. The heat preserves during long periods of time, reducing the faclturas of electricity. Proporcionauna more rigid construction for the heater. ANODE OF MAGNESIUM: Anode of magnesium oversized in his interior. The best protecciónpara maximum lasts. The anode of magnesium of size extra big and easy replaceable proporcionauna cathode protection inside the thermos. It attracts it you go out for them disueltas in the water and the protegecontra the corrosion lengthening furthermore the life of the boiler. CAPTURE OF LAND: It protects against the electrical unloads during the utilization.


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